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Grounding Spray - Machuland hk
Grounding Spray - Machuland hk

Grounding Spray

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步伐急促嘅每一日,忙碌過後都冇辦法靜落嚟,甚至每日營營役役,都唔知為乜! ● Grounding Spray 🌱● 可以讓你重新著地,與大地連接,平靜下來。

【Grounding Spray】以多種有機植物調配而成,帶沈穩、獨特嘅香氣,讓人馬上回歸腳踏實地的狀態。非常適合因過多思緒而失眠💤、過度活躍💡、集中力不足💫、驚恐、感覺不安心💓的朋友。

先找個位置坐好或站好,向天噴1、2下,讓【Grounding Spray】像雨般平均的灑在自己身上,馬上感到安定下來。


To strengthen Body-Earth alignment, useful to yourself close back down to your physical awareness. It contains rich, earthy essences to alter emotional state of being.

Grounding Spray provides grounding and stabilizing forces that protect from psychic ­dysfunction and distress. The subtle aroma mix together with the Earthy intention to root any strong flows of energy. Grounding Spray is ideal for environments with heavy foot traffic or a fast paced flow.

DIRECTION OF USE: Just spray on your body and around you!